Brittany Furlan and Heather Locklear grew up in the same town and attended the same high school.

 Brittany and Heather share a love for animals and collaborate on charitable events.

Heather Locklear helped Brittany Furlan pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Brittany and Heather have been supportive of each other through difficult times.

 Heather Locklear provides guidance and wisdom to Brittany as she navigates the entertainment industry.

 Both women enjoy outdoor activities, particularly hiking.

Brittany and Heather have traveled together, creating memories and strengthening their bond.

 They exchange recipes and try out new dishes during get-togethers.

Brittany Furlan promotes Heather Locklear's work on social media.

Brittany and Heather motivate each other to stay healthy and active.

Heather Locklear has helped Brittany develop her fashion sense.

Women share self-help resources to support each other's personal growth.

 Brittany and Heather enjoy quality time together to create memories.

They have collaborated to create successful joint projects.

Brittany Furlan and Heather Locklear share a strong bond.