Selena Gomez Sparks Dating Rumors with Music Producer Benny Blanco

Gomez shared a seemingly innocent photo on her Instagram story, but fans were quick to notice a detail that fueled speculation.

The photo showed Gomez leaning on a man's shoulder, with only his arm and back visible. However, fans quickly identified the man as Benny Blanco.

Benny Blanco, 35, is an American record producer, songwriter, and musician.

Gomez responded directly to these criticisms, stating that she has been in therapy for years and knows what's best for her.

Gomez added that she wouldn't be with a "f---boy" again and that Blanco is "better than anyone I've been with."

Gomez and Blanco have previously collaborated on music, including the song "I Can't Get Enough."

Fans are curious to see how things will develop between Gomez and Blanco.

Gomez has hinted at a relationship, but has not officially confirmed it, suggesting she may be keeping things private for now.

The relationship's potential for seriousness remains uncertain, and fans eagerly await further developments in this promising romance.